"Something Handmade Is So Much More Meaningful"

My handmade journey began with a gift - it was a simple coin pouch and the effort, the care and the sincerity truly touched my heart.

It was then that I decided to make my own collection of quality, handcrafted accessories.

Started in 2018, LY Handmade or it was formally known as Liyin Handmade is now my full-time passion. I believe in creating charming, delicate and high-quality accessories that are one-of-kind. Each piece is unique and made personally by me and I hope it will give you as much joy as I had in making it.

Have a look around, I'm excited to share my love for handmade trinkets with you.

Feel free to drop me a direct message for special orders or customized gifts for your loved ones.

with love,

This is all how it started...